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Best Months for Cruising in the Caribbean

When people think of the Caribbean, they usually think of summer. The beach, the sun, and the summer all go together perfectly. But the summer can often be the most expensive time to travel to the Caribbean, especially by cruise, and can also be too hot for many, making the trip less pleasant than expected. Hurricane season also runs from June through November, meaning your cruise could be severely impacted at the last moment. Instead, look to these months for the best weather-to-price ratios.


January – Unlike most of North America, the Caribbean stays warm year round. So escaping the snow and cold to go to paradise can be a very welcome escape. And because most people don’t think to cruise at this time, you will find some of the lowest prices of the year in January.


April – Excluding spring break and Easter, April can be a …

5 Great Ways to Travel on a Budget

While the occasional stay-cation can be a great way to get little projects around the house done or a great way to unwind, most people want to go somewhere with that precious little vacation time they get. Unfortunately, we don’t always have the funds sitting around, especially if a last-minute vacation option becomes available. So for those who want to travel but not break the bank, here are five great ways to travel on a budget.

Use Credit Card Points – Use your credit card to buy everything you can, then pay it off at the end of the month. This will allow you to amass a lot of points, quickly. Then, if you have a good travel rewards credit card, you can use those points to fly for free anywhere in the world. For many vacations, the most expensive part is the airfare, and if you can eliminate that …

7 Tips to Stay Motivated as a Business Owners

Running a business can be hard work. There are constant fires to put out, constant changes to work flow practices, and seemingly no end to the day’s tasks. The nonstop monotony can be hard to deal with day in and day out, especially during the early days or slow seasons, when profits are lean and it seems like there are other, more profitable ventures, out there for you. But whatever it is that is sapping your motivation, here are 7 tips to help you stay on task.

Get Organized – By staying organized, it is easier to accomplish the day’s tasks and handle changes as they come. A lack of organization is the quickest way to lose motivation.

Use Your Resources – Whatever it is that is distracting you, find a resource to help combat it. This can be a CPA who can help you see the end of your …

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