Best Months for Cruising in the Caribbean

When people think of the Caribbean, they usually think of summer. The beach, the sun, and the summer all go together perfectly. But the summer can often be the most expensive time to travel to the Caribbean, especially by cruise, and can also be too hot for many, making the trip less pleasant than expected. Hurricane season also runs from June through November, meaning your cruise could be severely impacted at the last moment. Instead, look to these months for the best weather-to-price ratios.


January – Unlike most of North America, the Caribbean stays warm year round. So escaping the snow and cold to go to paradise can be a very welcome escape. And because most people don’t think to cruise at this time, you will find some of the lowest prices of the year in January.


April – Excluding spring break and Easter, April can be a great time to cruise. Cruise lines often see decreased bookings, which means the boats are less busy, the islands are less crowded, and the costs are lower. And for those who feel strange cruising in the winter, April can be the perfect compromise.

best months for cruising

May – Another month where the weather is perfect, the fares are low, and you avoid hurricane season. May can also be a great time to find last minute deals on ships that have vacancies, which can help you save hundreds of dollars per person.


December – Aside from the time from Christmas to New Year’s, December is one of the cheapest months to cruise. Many families do not want to take their kids out of school right before a major vacation (winter recess), and many others don’t realize just how nice the Caribbean is in December. Sail in the first few weeks of the month to get great weather, great prices, and ships that are not as crowded.


Ultimately, the best month to cruise is the one that works for you and your family. But if you have some flexibility, try one of these months and you will likely find that the experience was better than you ever could have imagined.